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Discover Edgemont Community - A Natural Sanctuary Just Outside Durango Colorado

If you're an avid hiker, nature enthusiast, or simply a lover of tranquil wilderness, you might want to explore the adventurous beauty of Durango, Colorado's Edgemont Community. This magnificent community is situated just five miles from downtown Durango and boasts over 500 acres of scenic terrain, including 200 acres of open space. From hiking trails to fishing spots, wildlife sightings to serene meadows, Edgemont has something for everyone.

1. The Heart of Edgemont Community: Nature

Edgemont's rich terrain is a haven for nature lovers. The community's pristine lands stretch to over 500 acres of mountains, forests, draws, valleys, and river banks that support more than 150 native plant species. You'll see fields of wildflowers, vibrant aspen trees, and majestic ponderosa pine forests. Additionally, the Florida River, one of the rivers in Durango, runs through the community, making it a perfect spot for fly fishing. You'll catch rainbow and brown trout while enjoying the scenery.

2. Community Lodge

The lodge features some of the best facilities in Durango, Colorado, from an outdoor fire pit, a great room, and a library to an exercise facility equipped with locker rooms. It's the ideal environment for community gatherings, meetings, or even a small wedding.

3. Sustainable Living

Edgemont Community is committed to staying environmentally friendly through sustainable practices. They ensure that all properties within the community comply with energy-efficient environmental standards. You'll enjoy solar power, wind, and organic produce gardens.

4. Beautiful Architecture

The community enjoys integrated homes that fit seamlessly with the stunning natural surroundings in which they reside. Local architects have created inspired properties, custom-designed to serve the optimal practical lifestyle. The result is a range of homes featuring numerous options—be it grandeur and elegance or modesty and simplicity.

5. Adventure Opportunities

Edgemont community boasts over ten miles of private hiking and walking trails and permits homeowners to have access to the national forest that is adjacent. Hike through the mountains, discovering breath-taking landscapes and wildlife while following the trails. Moreover, the Durango city is famous for its cycling competitions, starting and ending at the famous main avenue of Main Street, providing enthusiasts with an opportunity to stretch their legs and meet new people.


In conclusion, when you own a home in Edgemont Community, you'll have access to nature unsurpassed in and around Durango, Colorado. The atmosphere in this place is serene and peaceful, yet it provides adventure and activities that are unparalleled. With the Florida river running through the community, there are ample opportunities to fish, and the Community Lodge provides the perfect space for socializing and community activities. With stunning architecture integrated seamlessly with nature, sustainable living, and access to endless outdoor activities in and around Durango, the Edgemont Community is a remarkable place to call home.

See active homes in Edgemont Highlands, Ranch and Meadows here: Edgemont Listings

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